Local Time

Myanmar Time is GMT + 6.5 (and is 30 minutes behind Bangkok time)

Language & Religion

Myanmar people speak Burmese although quite a few can also speak English. The vast majority of Myanmar people (about 88%) are Buddhist with a minority of Christian, Muslim and Hindu.

Climate and Weather

Myanmar has three “seasons”: Hot Season – March to mid-May with average temperatures 25-38 C Rainy Season – mid-May to September with average temperatures 23-33 C. “Winter” Season – October to February with average temperatures 18-24 C. The main tourist season is during the winter season, but it doesn’t rain much up-country and the travel season is now virtually all year long. In fact many prefer the rainy season for its lack of crowds and the cool weather.

What to wear

Warm weather clothing is quite adequate for Yangon and most tourist spots although up-country around the Inle Lake area and other higher elevations the temperature may reach near freezing at night during the ‘winter’ season. Travelers should bring appropriate cold weather clothing if traveling there (from October through February).
Additionally, suggestive or revealing clothing is never a good idea in this conservative and largely Buddhist culture. When visiting religious shrines and temples, modest dress is required and easily removable footwear is recommended since such sacred grounds must be visited only in bare feet (no socks either). Hats and sunglasses are usually appreciated, as is an umbrella for the rainy season. We suggest you to bring the sandals in order to visit temples and pagodas so that they can be easily removed at religious places.

International City Codes for calling Myanmar

Aungban 81 Bagan 61
Bago 52 Dawei 59
Kyaukme 82 Kyaukse 66
Ma U Bin 45 Magway 63
Mandalay 2 Mawlamyaing 57
Meiktila 64 Pakokku 62
Pathein 42 Thanlyin 56
Toungoo 54 Yangon (Rangoon) 1
Aunglan 69 Hakha 70
Hinthada 44 Hpa-an 58
Kale 73 Kyaington 84
Loikaw 83 Minbu 65
Monywa 71 Moulmein 32
Myitkyina 74 Prome 53
PyinOoLwin 85 Pyinmana 67
Sagaing 72 Shwebo 75
Sittway (Akyab) 43 ThayetMyo 68
Yenangyaung 60
  • Visa and Passport
  • Types of Visa
  • Customs
  • Visa On Arrival
  • Telecommunication
  • Seasonal Fruits
  • Communication Services

Myanmar requires a visa for all foreigners visiting the country. It is valid for 28 days starting from the day you enter the country, three months from the date of issue. You can obtain a visa from Myanmar Embassies in the various countries. The international points of entry and exit Myanmar are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport. Show your passport with valid entry visa, disembarkation card on arrival to the Immigration officer at the International Airport (Yangon or Mandalay). A valid passport with Entry visa is required for all tourists & businessmen, applicable at Myanmar Embassies and Consulate General Offices abroad.

A Tourist Visa allows a stay of 28 days. Tourist visa can’t be extended but you can overstay about 2 weeks by paying USD3 per day at the Immigration counter when you leave.

A Business Visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendible up to 12 months on a case by case basis. Visa on Arrival is granted to both FITs and Package Tourists on prior arrangement with the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism.

On Arrival Foreigners and non-residents must be declared to the Customs at the airport for all foreign currencies (above USD 10000), jewellery, electrical goods, cameras and so on. Duty free allowance are 2 bottles of liquor, 2 cartons of cigarettes, 100 cigars, 1.5 lb of tobacco, one pint bottle of perfume or eau de cologne. There are several hospitals and clinics in Yangon, some of which are under the Ministry of Health and some are privately owned. The Pun Hlaing International Hospital is the first international hospital in Myanmar. As such, it is only in the developing stage for insurance of travelling and travelers. The Insurance Coverage amount may not be able to realize the full expense. Tourists are strongly suggested to make insurance policies at one’s country or from international institutions. It is highly recommended to inform the tour operator in Myanmar the contact points regarding insurance matters in case of such urgency occurs; and the identification of the insurance company.

Visa on Arrival will be suspended at the Yangon and Mandalay International Airports starting from 1st September, 2010 till further notice.

The Visa on Arrival rules is (temporarily) back to the previous where tourist visa have to be applied before arrival.

But Visa on arrival is still available to request through a travel agency.

It is necessary to send your photo by email, fax or by post.

To apply for visa on arrival, the information of the clients as follows is necessary:

-full names

-father’s name




-current address of your employment

-if retired then former address of your employment

-your address

-date of birth

-passport number

-date of issue


-arrival and departure day/time

-international flight numbers

-1 passport picture (scan the picture and send)

-Copy of passport scanned

Normally it take a week or less but in worst case it can take up to 3 weeks to get the approval, as all applications have to be send to Nay Pyi Taw (the new capital).

You have to show the copy at the check-in counter for your flight to Yangon and also upon arrival at Yangon International Airport.

Please bring also 2 passport pictures each with you. The Immigration at Yangon International Airport will issue the visa for you.

Most hotels have IDD lines, but please be aware that the costs are very high with average cost of a call to Australia, Europe and USA approximately USD 8 per minute. So, if you wish to call home, our suggestion is to call and ask the other side to call you back. Your mobile phone can be brought in freely, but there is no roaming services in Myanmar.

Myanmar has a variety of vegetables and fruits, both tropical and citrus, all year round or seasonally. This most common ones are avocado, banana, durian, jackfruit, grapes, mango, mangosteen, orange, papaya, pomelo, pineapple and watermelon.

Postal Service – The Yangon Central Post Office, located at 39, Bo Aung Kyaw Street, is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm., Monday through Friday. Major hotels provide mail boxes; and postage stamps are available at the Reception Counters.
Telephone – International phone calls can be made by International Direct Dialing (IDD) phone or through operators from most hotels in Yangon, and from some hotels at major tourist sites.

E-mail – People in Myanmar started using Internet e-mail in January, 2000. Now there are about 3600 e-mail users in Myanmar, and they send and receive approximately 13,000 e-mails daily. The e-mail service is provided by Myanma Post and Telecommunications.
Internet – Myanma Post & Telegram and Bagan Cyber Tech provide Internet and Intranet services.

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