Security of our customers

Obviously, we take great care of the security of our tourist. We go ONLY in places approved by the Myanmar Government and any person travelling in Myanmar (and/or with us) must understand that the Myanmar Government can modify at any time the autorisation to travel because of security problem.

Currently the situation is very quiet except in Kachin area.
You have to understand that the government blocks any dangerous area, so you can not “arrived” in a bad place by accident.

NO !! Myanmar is not at all a dangerous destination.
The Myanmar by a lot of aspects is a very safe country, in any case safer than a lot of tourist destinations in Asia or Europe.
It doesn’t dispense you to be careful, but have no specific fear in Myanmar. It is one of the safest country for the tourist.
Your licensed guide is responsible for your security and he is not going to play with that!

Security at the beaches in Myanmar

The sea seems very quiet and risk free but there is quite prowerful sea current
especially at Ngapali.
Every year, some tourists are swimming too far and accidents happen (very easily avoidable)

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